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The FKare Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a real elixir for your skin!

The richness in powerful natural active ingredients of “The Exceptional” makes it a truly miraculous care product, as it will help regenerate and illuminate your skin


  • Moisturizes
  • Nourishes
  • Plumps and smooths the skin
  • Improves blood circulation

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Prickly pear fruit, which belongs to the cactus family, originates from Central America and has many beneficial properties. It is popular in warmer countries notably for its nutritional values and its health benefits, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

In addition to being nutritionally rich, this cherished plant oil has antioxidant, moisturizing, softening and nourishing properties, which makes it a favourite for cosmetic product manufacturing. As a true ally to all types of skins, this oil is extremely effective when it comes to tackling free radicals and dehydration. It’s used in a considerable number of skin care products and has been treasured for its healing effect as well as its regenerative (wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, scars, etc.) and protective properties.

This gentle oil is also a favourite for people with mature skins: if you apply it regularly, it will help your skin tremendously thanks to its natural anti- ageing properties – and it can be used effectively on the whole body! Not only does it prevent the signs of ageing and is deeply moisturizing and hydrating, but it will also re-densify, invigorate and smooth out your skin. Everyone can make good use of it as the oil that comes from the prickly pear fruit is easily absorbed by all types of skin: oily, normal, combination, dry… We often recommend it for healing skins prone to acne as it has the ability to regulate excess sebum.

Consider favouring prickly pear seed oil over oily macerates made with prickly pear flowers, as these are far less effective! Prickly pear seed oil is a very rare skin care product due to the length of time it takes to produce it; indeed, the process includes quite a few steps, including the extraction, drying, and cold pressing of its seeds. It’s important to note, too that 1 tonne of prickly pears is needed to obtain just 1 L of oil.

The FKare prickly pear seed oil is an authentic care product. Obtained by cold pressing in a way that follows strict cosmetic standards, this product – “The Exceptional”, truly lives up to its name: it is a one-of-a-kind elixir of youth, popular for its rarity and its many benefits. It preserves the skin’s natural beauty and helps keep it healthy with its array of anti-ageing properties. Not only that, but it also prevents dehydration and improves blood circulation, which makes it an ideal care product to help you get rid of blemishes, scars and other skin imperfections.


Key properties :

  • Skin regeneration and healing : The unsaturated fatty acids which make up 60% of this oil get into your skin cell membranes easily, helping regenerate the former as well as keeping your skin hydrated and beautiful.


  • Softening, moisturizing and nourishing : Its richness in omega 6 allows it to maintain the skin’s elasticity and natural moisture and actively regenerate the hydrolipidic film.


  • Antioxidant : Prickly pear seed oil naturally contains active antioxidants – E vitamin and sterols – in high quantities. These compounds which, along with unsaturated fatty acids, have important antioxidant properties are very effective in preventing and combatting skin ageing.


  • Improves blood circulation : Due to its richness in vitamin K – which plays an important role in blood circulation – you will only need a few of its miraculous drops for it to be effective in reinforcing blood capillary walls, therefore reducing dark rings and bags under your eyes.

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Directions for use:

– On your skin : First, clean your face thoroughly. Then, add a few drops of prickly pear seed oil on your face and gently massage it. This beauty ritual should be carried out morning and night for better results.

– On your hair: This oil is effective when applied on the length and ends of your hair. You may want to leave it in for several hours, or even overnight so that the hair fibre is nourished by this oil’s unsaturated fatty acids. After this, just wash your hair using mild shampoo, then rinse thoroughly


As early as the first application, your skin will be moisturized, visibly plumped-up, and deeply nourished. Prickly pear boosts and improves blood circulation, re-oxygenating your skin and making it firmer. We highly recommend this care product as it is very nourishing, helps prevent stretchmarks, and it is perfect to help moisturize skin that has been weakened due to sun exposure. The fatty acids in this oil are very effective on dry, brittle, damaged hair. This product will significantly help tonify, revitalise, and give volume to it.

  • Moisturizes
  • Nourishes
  • Plumps and smooths the skin
  • Improves blood circulationg



Opuntia ficus indica seed oil

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