Do you often get blackheads and spots? Is your skin oily, dull and tired? To counter this, you need to exfoliate and cleanse your skin to eliminate toxins, and this starts with finding the right care routine for yourself! Thoroughly removing all make-up from your face morning and night is an essential step to avoid any excess sebum and dead skin – though you will also need to gently exfoliate your skin with a scrub once to twice a week in order to remove deeply set impurities. To finalise your routine, we recommend using cleansing and hydrating masks – moisturizing your skin on a regular basis with a suitable organic product (cream, oil, mask, serum) is crucial!

Just like clay, charcoal is known for its ability to unclog pores and its cleansing effect which help minimize the impact of external aggressions – pollution, make-up, microbes – on the skin. Charcoal-based cosmetic products have a powerful detoxifying, cleansing, disinfecting and cleaning effect on the body. Charcoal is a great ally to have in your beauty routine: it absorbs excess sebum, eliminates unsightly blackheads and tightens your skin pores. Thanks to it, those with acneic, oily and combination skins can say goodbye to imperfections!

Here at FKare, we have developed a range of Bamboo Charcoal-based products to assist you in your skin care routine: The Essential, our purifying charcoal bubble mask and The Classic, our cleansing Charcoal soap. They both combine the amazing benefits or charcoal with those of Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil for a cleansing, moisturizing and relaxing effect on your skin. This range is suitable for all skin types and is a favourite among our customers!

We suggest facial steaming before applying your face mask, as it opens up your pores and enables charcoal to cleanse your skin even more deeply.

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