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This mask has everything going for it: its scent, its outstandingly pleasant texture, its effectiveness… Nothing can get in its way – not even blackheads or pores – and you’ll be sure to get really quick results if you use it regularly, say, once to twice a week. Something else weighing in its favour: applying it doesn’t make your skin dry out – your face feels so soft once you’ve rinsed it off!

The Essential: Purifying charcoal bubble mask, Paulineeeaes

I scanned the bar code of this product with the Yuka app on my phone (it analyses the composition of personal care and food products) and the rating of its contents was excellent! It really is a healthy product with no suspicious additives; it’s a great care item for you.

The Exceptional: Prickly Pear Seed Oil, jennyferchachat

I’m absolutely in love with the “tropical” packaging. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and looks great in any bathroom.

Nourishing turmeric soap, leblogdenono

The key strength of this product truly is its all-natural composition that contributes to a fairer, more responsible economy. The fact this product is natural gives you peace of mind when it comes to using it and a real guarantee of quality.

The Dazzling: Moisturizing matcha green tea bubble mask, laulaura59

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